Philosophy for everyone

What is philosophy? Have you thought about this question before? Do you feel that it’s a mysterious subject? Personally, that’s what I thought philosophy was before I took the Introduction to Philosophy MOOC from University of Edinburgh on Coursera. I think it’s partly because I never considered philosophy that useful in daily life.

However, I think the course completed changed my mind about philosophy. I realized that philosophy is indeed important, fundamental and everywhere. There are several fields of philosophy that are covered in this course. The lectures talked about what knowledge is, what mind is, how to explain morality, whether scientific theories are true, and what time travel is. In my opinion, these are really interesting topics. And these topics really got me into thinking about them.

I think everyone should give a try to learn a bit about philosophy. It’s not a hard subject for beginners. And thinking about all the ideas in philosophy will be a fun process. Maybe you’ll propose something new and become a philosopher? Who knows.

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